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It’s the big question. If everything is going so well, why aren’t wages rising? Is the old model broken? Or is something else at work? Bloomberg Businessweek talked to U.S. employers, asking how they’re handling the disconnect. Their answers may surprise you

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President Donald Trump said the conviction of two former associates Tuesday didn't involve collusion with Russia. That may be, but one of them, Michael Cohen, is ready to sing about “conspiracy to collude and corrupt the American democracy system in the 2016 election.”

Trump didn’t consult his current lawyer about hush-money paid to women who said they had extramarital affairs with the president.

Meanwhile, someone is trying to follow Russia's example from 2016 and hack into the Democratic National Committee. The DNC said it told the FBI and repelled the assault.

Why does the U.S. military have so many different uniforms? Rivalry, utility and inertia are a few of the answers. Now the Pentagon wants a more unified look for some of the services.

JPMorgan is cutting 100 workers across its global asset-management division following a review of its business.

Some American CEOs are paid hundreds of times (or more) what their lowly workers make, but it's the gender pay gap that seems to be drawing all the rage, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Priced out of health insurance, desperate Americans have been forced to jury-rig their own safety nets with patchwork plans.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is rolling out some Keynes, noting that his famous theory of “animal spirits” as market driver could be what's behind the continued expansion.

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M&M’s, potato chips, Oreos, sodathose are the sorts of things one would expect to come out of a vending machine. Newer innovations such as the cupcake ATM or the salad-stocked Farmer’s Fridge might appeal to some as well. But raw steaks? That may require a few rolls of quarters.

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