Alex Jones, Donald Trump and the Assault on Truth

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Apple Kicked Alex Jones Off Its Platform, Then YouTube And Facebook Rushed to Do the Same (BuzzFeed); see also The Lasting Trauma of Alex Jones’s Lies (the Atlantic)
  • Some Traders Are Talking Up Cryptocurrencies, Then Dumping Them, Costing Others Millions (Wall Street Journal)
  • How Econ Numbers Can Lead You (and Me) Astray (Bloomberg Opinion); see also When Economic History Improves With Time (Project Syndicate)
  • How “hackers, founders and freaks” built Silicon Valley (Recode)
  • Everything bad about Facebook is bad for the same reason (Quartz); see also The Expensive Education of Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley (New York Times)
  • Japan Inc. Is Decluttering — and Foreign Investors Love the Look (Wall Street Journal)
  • Goop, Trump and the Lucrative Assault on Truth (GQ); see also Inside the growth of Goop — the most controversial brand in the wellness industry (New York Times)
  • How music has responded to a decade of economic inequality (Vox)
  • 27-year-old Mike Trout Is the God of WAR (FiveThirtyEight); see also In Praise of Defensive Football (Popula)
  • The Rosetta image archive of its target comet is now complete. Wanna peruse 100k images of an alien world? (Syfy Wire)

What are you reading?

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Alex Jones, Donald Trump and the Assault on Truth

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