How to Report on a Company That Isn’t All It Seems

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- How do you report on a company that may not be all that it claims? That’s the question John Carreyrou, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist for the Wall Street Journal, answers on this week’s Masters in Business.

The company in question, of course, is Theranos Inc., the tech startup whose founder, Elizabeth Holmes, promised to revolutionize the blood-testing business. The company collapsed after Carreyrou’s reporting raised doubts about its technology. Holmes has since been charged with fraud and conspiracy, along with the company’s former president.

The entire adventure is told Carreyrou’s new best-selling book, “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup.

His favorite books are cited here; our conversation transcript is here.

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Next week, we chat with Rob Arnott, chief executive officer and co-founder of investment-research firm Research Affiliates.

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