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Twitter, which like Facebook is getting sensitive about being used to spread misinformation, has been slashing fake accounts by the millions. Wall Street, however, thinks this effort to combat the growing tide of bots is bad for business, at least for now.

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U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit crisis intensified after Boris Johnson, a leading proponent of the nation's effort to leave the EU, joined two other officials in quitting.

The U.S. Supreme Court reality special is just hours away, when at 9 p.m. President Donald Trump will reveal who he will nominate to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Whatever happened to Saudi Aramco's $2 trillion monster IPO? It's become a zombie, pushed back due to hubris, indifference and an overambitious timetable.

Samsung opened the world’s largest mobile phone factory in India, throwing a big win to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has promised to lure manufacturing to the country.

Uber is getting into the electric scooter-rental business, teaming up with Lime a week after rival Lyft said it was buying the company that operates Citi Bike.

German bankers have a recommendation for investors seeking alternatives to low interest rates: vintage cars from their neighborhood. How does a 683 percent payoff sound?

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is chewing on what signs may augur a recession, and how chatter about a downturn reminds him of a recent conversation he had about "bond vigilantes" and equity valuation.

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The burger condiment to end all condiments has arrived. The grilling high season is here, and we have the best-kept secret for upping your game when it comes to keeping the meat sizzling on the plate. This is the secret sauce you'll need. 

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