Music, Copyright and Creativity

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- For the holiday week, we have a bonus Masters in Business podcast: Guitarist Laurence Juberbetter known as LJ.  The musicologist, former Wings sideman and Grammy-award winning composer of 25 albums discusses what the law is getting wrong on copyright and musical creation.

He began playing guitar the week in 1963 that “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles was released. He was earning money as a musician by the age of 13, and began to study classical guitar at 15. He was voted “Guitarist of the Year” by readers of Fingerstyle Guitar magazine, and one of the top acoustic players of all time by Acoustic Guitar magazine. Picked by George Martin to be a session guitarist, he has been heard on thousands of albums and soundtracks, including "The Spy Who Loved Me” and the theme song for the program "Roseanne(here is a full list).

Juber sat with a guitar on hand for the full 90 minutes, and there are lots of musical demonstrations during our conversation. Be sure to check out the videos of his songs here.

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