Buffett’s Alpha, Trolls and Paying With Cash

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My back-in-New-York morning train reads:

  • In Louisiana, Trump’s Trade War Spooks America’s Biggest Port (Bloomberg)
  • Inferring the Statistics of Buffett’s Alpha (Flirting with Models)
  • How Long Can Stocks Beat Bonds By a Wide Margin? (Capital Spectator)
  • “Cash is just grief”: Why shops and bars want to make you pay by card (Guardian)
  • You See What You Want to See (Of Dollars And Data); see also 36 Obvious Investment Truths (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • Google and Facebook Are Quietly Fighting California’s Privacy Rights Initiative, Emails Reveal (the Intercept)
  • Amazon overtakes Apple as the most valuable American brand, claims Brand Finance (9 to 5 Mac)
  • YouTube is the new way to get famous. At VidCon, the tweens want to be next in line. (Washington Post)
  • Who’s Responsible for Russian Trolls? (CNN Money); see also Her son was killed, then came the Russian trolls (CNN)
  • Internet TV Services Get Big Boost From World Cup (Variety)

What are you reading?

Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist is very conservative

Buffett’s Alpha, Trolls and Paying With Cash

Source: Axios

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