May's Message to Business: I Back you, Brexit Details Are Coming

(Bloomberg) -- U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May addressed business leaders at the Times CEO Summit in London. The corporate world has expressed anxiety at her handling of Brexit and she moved to reassure them. Here are some highlights from her speech and a question and answer session afterward.

  • About whether her party is pro-business: "A Conservative government will always listen to your voice and back you every step of the way”
  • About progress in talks with Brussels: "In the Brexit negotiations, we continue to make good progress. You conduct negotiations yourselves, you know they’re never straightforward. They’re complex and they create uncertainty
  • About the lack of clarity companies are perceiving: May promises a ‘white paper’ in July will set out "in detail" what U.K. wants in future relationship
  • May during the Q&A: “I’m very clear: business is at the heart of how we’re going to develop this country”
  • More: "It’s right that we listen to business. It’s right that business is able to make its voice heard”

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