Family Separation Isn’t Trump’s Katrina; It’s Worse: Theme of the Week

This Week Was Nightmare at the Border Week

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Like the headlines, Bloomberg Opinion’s commentary this week was dominated by President Donald Trump’s policy of separating immigrant families at the southern border. We wrote about the cruelty of the policy, explored better ways to handle migration and cut through the White House’s misinformation about both the separations and the threats posed by immigration. And we started to explore the legacy of this episode, which some are calling Trump’s “Hurricane Katrina” moment – although that ignores how he already had one of those in Puerto Rico.

Breaking Up Families at the Border Is Indefensible – Bloomberg’s editors

Migrant Children’s Wails Have Trump Spinning – Timothy L. O’Brien

Don’t Follow Australia’s Grim Path on Immigration – David Fickling

In Fact, Let’s Stop Separating Citizens’ Families, Too – Tyler Cowen

How to Enforce Borders Without Separating Families – Ramesh Ponnuru

The U.S. and Europe Could Make Migration Manageable – Leonid Bershidsky

America’s Southwest Border Is Not Out of Control – James Gibney

Immigration to the U.S. Is Lower Than You Think – Justin Fox

Separating Families Was a Blunder on a Global Scale – Hal Brands

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