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Bruce Springsteen, the bard of blue collar America, gave a concert that helped promote a real estate development with $6 million condos. If ever there were a sign the world was entering uncharted waters, this may very well be it. But there are a few others.

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The U.N. Human Rights Council on Monday condemned U.S. President Donald Trump's policy of taking children from immigrant parents. The administration, which holds 12,000 immigrant children in 17 states, is quitting the council, it was reported Tuesday.

China is taking aim at America following Trump's latest $200 billion tariff threat, but its stock market is beginning to show signs of the same fear dampening other indices.

U.S. markets continued to drop Tuesday as investors worry the trade war begun by Trump will hobble the global economy.

With all this noise about trade, wouldn't you want to know what the experts have to say? We talked to a bunch of economists, and this is their take on what might happen.

Even without Trump's protectionist polices, there are other big indicators that markets will take a tumble.

Republicans still want to kill Obamacare, but they also want to partially privatize Medicare and cut taxes again, according to a new budget proposal

What's Sam Potter thinking? The Bloomberg cross assets team leader thinks investors may be underestimating the political damage still to be inflicted by Europe's immigration crisis, and how populists in Italy and elsewhere are driving it

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Bruce Springsteen made his name singing about the working class—their loves, losses and struggles to grasp the elusive American dream. Recently, however, he gave a concert that helped promote a wealthy waterfront development in the town that bears the name of his very first album.

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