Fish Wars and Missing Fortunes

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Cryptocurrencies: looking beyond the hype (BIS); see also The bigger cryptocurrencies get, the worse they perform (Reuters)
  • The Stock-Market Price Can Be Wrong. Very Wrong. (MoneyBeat)
  • One in 10 dollars of U.S. housing were anonymous (Alphaville); see also Larry Silverstein Flees the “Old Fogeys” of Midtown (New York Times)
  • “Sociopathic” CEO’s new comeback plan (
  • How a Florida Utility Became the Global King of Green Power (Wall Street Journal); see also Climate Change May Spark Global “Fish Wars” (National Geographic)
  • Lies, China And Putin: Solving the Mystery of Wilbur Ross’s Missing Fortune (Forbes)
  • How America Got Hooked on a Deadly Drug (Kaiser Health News); see also U.S. Hunger For Opioid Alternative Drives Boom in Borneo Jungle (Bloomberg)
  • Depression and suicide risk are side effects of more than 200 common drugs (Vox)
  • Dear journalists: Stop being loudspeakers for liars (Medium); see also The 49 wildest quotes from Donald Trump’s bananas interview with Fox News (CNN)
  • Romelu Lukaku Has Some Things to Say (Players Tribune)

What are you reading?

China has nine of the world’s 20 biggest tech companies

Fish Wars and Missing Fortunes

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