Barnier Says U.K.'s Security Partnership Bid Needs More Realism

(Bloomberg) -- European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier rejected the U.K.’s efforts to keep security ties almost unchanged after Brexit, saying Britain’s own negotiating red lines mean cooperation will be weaker.

Barnier called for more "realism" from the British government and said leaving the bloc has "consequences." Mutual trust is based on shared rules, and the oversight of the European Court of Justice, whose jurisdiction Prime Minister Theresa May has said must end after Brexit.

He also rejected the U.K.’s request to remain in the European arrest-warrant scheme, saying it’s based on free movement of people. Putting an end to uncontrolled migration from Europe is another red line for May.

"Trust doesn’t fall from the sky. There is no magic wand. Trust is founded on an ecosystem based on common rules, safeguards," he said in Vienna. "If you leave this ecosystem, you lose the benefits."

Barnier said the EU does want a close partnership, but there will be limits. The EU, without the U.K., will continue to strengthen its security and justice ties. He also reiterated that there’s no chance of compromise when it comes to rules on data protection: "U.K. data protection will have to align with ours."

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