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The Bank for International Settlements, a sort-of central bank for central banks, just informed proponents of cryptocurrency that it's not ready for prime time as far as mainstream financial services go, and it may never be. 

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In one of its most ominous findings, the BIS said cryptocurrency transactions would eventually overwhelm everything from individual smartphones to computer servers.

U.S. President Donald Trump continued his attempts to falsely blame Democrats for his administration's policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border. 

U.S. markets fell Monday, following in the footsteps of Europe and Asia as a potential trade war between America and China makes investors increasingly nervous.

Congressional Republicans echoed the White House line by attacking the criminal probe of alleged collusion with Russia while Trump's FBI director stood by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Amid an exodus from emerging markets, investors are now pulling out of Asian economies with solid prospects for growth.

The ridicule of Tronc seems to have gotten to the former Tribune Publishing Co. after its widely panned name change two years ago. A new moniker seems to be in the offing.

What's Sam Potter thinking? The Bloomberg cross assets team leader said maybe the most important week of the year wasn't that important after all. But the coming week just might be.

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With the biggest show in sports underway, it seems like people in offices everywhere are looking at their brackets (as if this were March Madness) and wondering why they're doing so badly so early. We know the answer.

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