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The historic meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is over, but the debate around the joint statement issued by the two leaders is just getting started. The task of reunifying the Korean peninsula faces enormous challenges—mostly related to North Korea's suffering economy—but it could also include big benefits.

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AT&T was cleared by a judge to take over Time Warner in an $85 billion deal that the mobile-phone giant says will fuel its evolution into a media powerhouse.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro apologized for suggesting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau deserved a “special place in hell” for his comments at the G-7 meeting. 

Tesla is laying off 9 percent of its workforce as a part of a restructuring and cost-cutting plan. Almost all affected workers are salaried employees. Shares spiked on the news. 

U.S. inflation accelerated in May to the fastest pace in more than 6 years, eroding wage gains and reinforcing the Federal Reserve’s outlook for gradual interest-rate hikes.

In Tuesday's congressional primaries, voters are picking the challengers to two of the Senate's most vulnerable incumbents. The races could help decide which party controls the Senate.

New U.S. drug rules would make it easier for drugmakers and insurance companies to negotiate pricing deals based on how well a medicine works

What's Joe Weisenthal thinking? The Bloomberg news director is waiting to see what’s ahead for cryptocurrencies. So far, it's been a rough year.

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In Ukraine, graft has become so pervasive that only Russia seems to pose a greater threat to the nation’s security. Officials in Kiev, never lacking for imagination, have decided to address the problem head-on this month by opening "Corruption Park" at the city’s botanical gardens.

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