Central Bank A-Listers Meet, An Awkward G-7, Argentina: Eco Day

(Bloomberg) -- Happy Friday, Europe. Here’s news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help get your day started:

  • The Fed, ECB, and Bank of Japan all have decision days next week with the U.S. setting the pace for global tightening
  • Unfriended. President Donald Trump is set to face off against the other six G-7 leaders over disagreements on foreign policy
  • Bank of England policy maker Dave Ramsden sees the U.K. economy bouncing back
  • Crisis watch. Argentina just sealed a deal for a $50 billion stand-by arrangement with the IMF, while Goldman and Morgan Stanley say the pain isn’t over
  • Cliff ahead. Former Fed chief Ben Bernanke is seeing a Wile E. Coyote moment for the U.S. economy in 2020
  • Brazil is joining Turkey in stepping up efforts to stem a currency rout amid emerging-market stresses
  • Japan looks to be moving past a rough stretch that ended a two-year streak of expansion and saw GDP shrink in the first quarter
  • Tough money. It won’t be so easy for foreign investors to throw their cash at North Korea
  • ICYMI. Here’s our roundup of all that you might have missed this week in the global economy

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