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The biggest primary day of the election year is over, and it looks like the Democratic Party can whistle a happy tune, having surmounted a key obstacle in its quest to reclaim control of the U.S. House of Representatives. But the path to November has lots of potholes.  

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You're gauging company fundamentals all wrong. As the global economy changes, accounting standards that made sense for shipbuilders and oil drillers may be losing relevance.

In America's shale country, energy companies are using big bonuses to hire anyone they can find. The problem is that, in nearby towns, there's not enough workers left to go around.

Google’s decision not to renew a Pentagon contract to develop artificial intelligence was a defeat for U.S. national security and limiting civilian casualties, Michael R. Bloomberg writes.

Oscar, Casper, Marcus—it seems as if every startup these days is branding itself with a single human name. There's a method to the mononym madness.

Speaker Paul Ryan joined fellow Republican Trey Gowdy in rejecting President Donald Trump's claim that the FBI spied on his campaign. Both Ryan and Gowdy have said they're retiring. 

Strong criticism of the EPA by two Republican senators from the Midwest may have less to do with Scott Pruitt's ethics problems than with protecting ethanol.

What's Joe Wiesenthal thinking? The Bloomberg news director is wondering whether the surge in technology stocks represents an indiscriminate approach to investing in that red hot sector.

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