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U.S. President Donald Trump may have thought that shifting positions unpredictably was a good dealmaking tactic back in New York, but flip-flops on North Korea, China and now trade with America's closest allies has world leaders saying the U.S. is losing credibility.

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Justin Trudeau has spent more time than most trying to build a bridge to Trump. After Thursday's trade war declaration, however, Canada's prime minister seems fed up.

So too may be Mexico, but Shannon O'Neil writes in Bloomberg Opinion that America's southern neighbor knows how to fight a trade battle, and the casualties will be Trump's supporters.

Wars aside, Jamie Dimon is full of sunshine on this first day of June. The JPMorgan CEO says the economic recovery from the Great Recession is far from over.

Trump is planning an unprecedented intervention in energy markets to prop up the coal industry, a key source of climate change-causing pollution and base of his political support.

Job numbers show U.S. hiring rose more than forecast, but companies are still reluctant to pay Americans more. Wall Street had a heads-up to the news, thanks to a tweet from guess who.

Tired of your BMW? Frustrated with how many there are in your office parking lot? Well Alfa Romeo is coming for you with seven new models of the famous Italian sports car.

What's Luke Kawa thinking? The Bloomberg markets reporter is thinking about bears, hibernating bears and how Bill Gross and his bond fund got mauled this week.

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Forget the pony, private jets are the new birthday gift for kids. Well, a ride in one anyway. In the race to court more wealthy customers, VistaJet is producing six-figure play parties at 45,000 feet for the child who has everything.

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