Why Some People Don’t Believe in the Pay Gap

(Bloomberg) -- There’s a phrase you hear a lot from people who think the 20 percent pay gap between men and women is over-hyped: “all but disappears.” It’s what they say happens to the pay gap when you control for the fact that women are grouped into lower-paid industries and job functions, and take time off to care for their families. This week on The Pay Check, Rebecca Greenfield unpacks those arguments with the help of professors from Harvard and Georgetown. 

Then, Jordyn Holman goes inside a contract negotiation between Netflix and the comedian and actor Mo’Nique that went south. When Mo’nique encouraged fans to boycott Netflix for offering her a fraction of what male comedians, and white female comedians, made for similar comedy specials, comedy fans basically said the problem wasn’t discrimination, or systemic bias—it was her. 

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