The Big Squeeze, School Choice and Happiness

(Bloomberg) -- May has finally arrived! Enjoy the new month with our Tuesday morning train reads:

  • The Big Squeeze: Why the Stock Market’s Bull Run Faces Its Biggest Threat in Years (Investor’s Business Dailybut see The Data Has Spoken: Buy Stocks! (All Star Charts)
  • How Wall Street Bought Toys ‘R’ Us And Left 30,000 People Without Jobs (BuzzFeed)
  • Stock Buyers Lose Bond Foundation for Steep Valuations (Bloomberg Gadfly) but see Expensive stocks may not be so dear after all (MoneyWeek)
  • Stall Speed, Flattening Yield Curve, and the Longest Expansion (Dr. Ed’s Blog)
  • Architect of Greatest Trade Ever Hit by Losses, Redemptions Postcrisis (Wall Street Journal); see also David Einhorn Finds Victories More Elusive Since Winning Lehman Bet (Wall Street Journal)
  • Q&A: How an Economist Unlocked Hidden Truths About School Choice (Real Time Economics)
  • The president is seeking to destroy journalism. Now let’s debate dinner entertainment! (Washington Post); see also Hey, Washington, the Joke’s on You (Bloomberg View)
  • Charlie Douglass and his Laff Box invented the laugh track as we know it. (Slate)
  • People Overestimate the Happiness New Purchases Will Bring (the Inquirer); see also Guide to Happiness (Time)
  • Snowstorm on a comet! (Syfy Wire)

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The Big Squeeze, School Choice and Happiness

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