Tornadoes Are Bypassing Oklahoma and Kansas, Thanks to Canada

(Bloomberg) -- Oklahoma and Kansas can thank Canada for a dearth of tornadoes.

Neither state have had a confirmed tornado this year when statistically, they should each have had about 19 so far, according to AccuWeather Inc. Frequent dips of cold air from Canada have kept temperature and humidity surges to a minimum, while a storm track favoring a northern course across the U.S. has kept them away from moisture and heat in the deep South.

Oklahoma is prime territory for tornadoes this time of year, so not having any so far is really unusual. In fact, even this date has been busy; In records going back to 1982, there has almost always been a tornado somewhere in Oklahoma on April 24, according to the U.S. Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

If Oklahoma gets through the rest of the month without a tornado it will be only the third time ever, after 1987 and 1988, according to State College, Pennsylvania-based AccuWeather. The latest start to tornado season in Kansas was May 28, 1980.

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