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The Kremlin hasn’t repeated its pledge to try and shoot down U.S. missiles if they are fired into Syria as punishment for an alleged chemical attack. Moscow has instead reassured Russians that both sides are communicating. Now the question is whether President Donald Trump will push the button after a week of saying he might, or might not. 

Trump mulls reversals on Pacific trade pact and China. Trump said he is considering rejoining the Asia-Pacific trade pact despite having fulfilled a campaign promise to back out of it shortly after taking office. He also expressed confidence the U.S. is headed toward resolving a trade conflict he started with China, which included a threat last week to impose an additional $100 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese goods.

An Uber breach in 2016 exposed the names, numbers and email addresses of more than 20 million people who use the service in the U.S., regulators said. Uber failed to disclose the hack when it was being investigated for a similar intrusion that happened in 2014.

Russians were fed tough talk by their government after Trump’s angry tweets about Syria missile strikes. But with the U.S. showing no sign of backing down, Vladimir Putin seems to be stepping back.

The road to China’s autonomous-driving future is paved with solar panels, mapping sensors and electric-battery rechargers as the nation tests an “intelligent highway.”

A former employee who objected to Scott Pruitt’s expenditures at the Environmental Protection Agency has “painted an extremely troubling picture” of wasteful spending, unethical behavior and “potentially illegal” actions by the agency administrator, Congressional Democrats said.

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker is apparently no match for Amazon’s Echo lineup of Alexa-powered devices. At first, it looked like it might be a hit, but then the bottom dropped out.

Airstream sheds its metal for a new fiberglass ‘nest.’ The brand that built aluminum Americana unveiled a pod that’s almost entirely metal-free. With prices starting at $46,000, the Nest is a play for well-heeled digital nomads, C-suite dropouts and anyone else who would choose a minimalist wheeled-home over a Mercedes C-class sedan.

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