Chubb CEO Worried About U.S. Nationalism, Instability in Letter

(Bloomberg) -- Evan Greenberg, chairman and chief executive officer of insurer Chubb Ltd., said he worries about the effect of U.S. nationalism on trade and that the country is missing a chance to lead.

“I am concerned about my country’s America First brand of nationalism and its impact on our image and leadership in both trade and geopolitics in the short and potentially longer term,” Greenberg wrote in a letter to shareholders Thursday. “By diminishing the country’s reputation for reliability, the overly nationalistic approach damages our credibility.”

Chubb, based in Zurich, has operations in 54 countries and territories.

“When it comes to trade, we are becoming a source of potential instability at a time when we are needed to galvanize like–minded countries in a unified direction,” Greenberg wrote.

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