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In the market for a new job? Truckers are paid especially well these days. Saudi Arabia may soon be hiring lots of new solar workers. Or if you're a gun enthusiast looking for an occasional volunteer gig, there’s a small town in New Mexico you might want to try. —Sam Schulz

Tech weighed on stocks again, volatility spiked, and the Facebook selloff cut billions from top mutual funds. Tesla shares fell again and its bonds are now in free fall amid questions about a deadly crash in California. It’s not yet clear whether the Tesla's Autopilot system were engaged, but rival carmakers are warning about cutting corners.

Kim Jong Un’s message for Trump: China is back on our side. In China, President Xi Jinping told Kim that China has made a “strategic choice” to have friendly ties with North Korea that will “remain unchanged under any circumstances.” The surprise meeting ensures China’s interests are protected when Kim meets with Trump, and gives North Korea an insurance policy if talks collapse.

Why is billionaire GOP megadonor Robert Mercer secretly moonlighting as a small-town New Mexico cop? To get something that not even the richest gun enthusiast can buy: a concealed-carry permit good anywhere in the country. And he’s hardly the only rich guy doing so.

The U.S. Air Force could lose a third of the F-35s it plans to buy if it can’t slash upkeep costs, according to an internal analysis obtained by Bloomberg. The Pentagon has said it has costs under control, but this underscores the challenges of maintaining its fleet.

This week's expulsions of Russian diplomats are "unlikely to hurt enough to make Putin behave," write the editors of Bloomberg View. "There are many ways to dial up the pressure, including stronger enforcement of the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention and moves to block Russia's abuse of Interpol," plus freezing corrupt officials' assets and banning visas for them.

The founder of Binance, the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange, has had a meteoric rise. But now he and a big swath of the crypto trading complex are facing new threats. It doesn't help that Binance's know-your-customer policies are among the industry’s least rigorous. Underscoring crypto's uphill battle for acceptance: You can no longer pay for a premium Reddit membership in Bitcoin.

People obsessed with their houses are now getting them reproduced in painstaking miniature. They're not quite dollhouses for adults; there are no dolls involved. They're not even proper architectural models—or at least, they don't serve as such. They're just there for you to display and admire if you're so fond of your home that you want to take it in all at once, from its pediments to its decor.

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