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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of poisoning a former spy, trying to hack American infrastructure, and has commented that perhaps it was "Jews" who interfered in the 2016 U.S. election—and that's just in the past few days. He's still under multinational sanctions over Ukraine. None of it seems to bother him.  —Josh Petri

How long will the world's most powerful leaders last? The clock is ticking for politicians aiming to shape the global future. Some are already on the brink.

Western powers are showing growing exasperation and anger at Putin, slapping him with new sanctions and condemnations. But none if it is likely to humble Putin. The criticism only helps as he campaigns for re-election Sunday as the tough guy who stands up for his country.

Like most bankruptcies, the Toys "R" Us disaster unfolded slowly, then all at once. In the wake of the company's failure, a question remains: Who will move into all those empty stores

Too much sun could wreak havoc on driverless cars. Solar storms can sever the data connection between a vehicle's GPS and the satellites that supply the system.

Stormy Daniels was physically threatened to stay quiet about her claims of an extra-marital affair with Donald Trump before he assumed the presidency, her lawyer told CNN on Friday. Attorney Michael Avenatti said she would provide proof in a CBS interview to air this month.

It's not shocking that the best-paid MBA graduates are from American universities. What is unexpected is just how much U.S. schools dominate the rankings.

Your Evening Briefing

While half of McLaren’s fleet will be hybrid in four years’ time, the company will not produce an all-electric car in the foreseeable future—not even a halo car or a conceptual design exercise.

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