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Everything has changed, and nothing has. It's been five years since Sheryl Sandberg urged women to "lean in" and make their voices heard in corporate America. This International Women’s Day, we’re still struggling with gender equality, a pay gap even the ultra-wealthy can’t avoid, and systemic workplace sexual harassment. As Sandberg told Bloomberg Businessweek: “We had a lot of work to do then, and we have a lot of work to do now.”—Katie Robertson

Trump follows through on his tariff pledge. The president signed a proclamation imposing a 25 percent duty on steel and 10 percent on aluminum. He excluded Canada and Mexico and left the door open to the option of sparing other countries on the basis of national security.

The president’s trade warrior is on the rise again. Trump’s nationalist trade adviser Peter Navarro has staged a startling comeback. His rival, Gary Cohn, is on his way out, while the steel aluminum tariffs that Navarro advocates are on the verge of becoming national policy. And he might even take over Cohn’s job.

Congress' attempt to punish Equifax may backfire. The company has been a pariah in Washington ever since it disclosed a massive hack last year that put millions of consumers at risk of having their identities stolen. But a Senate bill meant to punish it could end up helping instead.

Dina Powell’s return to Goldman Sachs touches a nerve. CEO Lloyd Blankfein was the driving force behind the firm’s decision to rehire Powell after her White House departure and elevate her to the company’s powerful management committee—a decision that’s being hotly debated inside the hyper-competitive Manhattan headquarters. 

How old are your kids? The answer could determine your tax bill. When 2018 taxes are due, millions of Americans could find their withheld amounts way too high or way too low. Which category you fall into could come down to whether you have dependents and their age.  

Cigna’s $54 billion deal couldn’t come soon enough. The purchase of Express Scripts is being labeled the best-case scenario for the pharmacy-benefits manager’s beleaguered investors. It’s the latest in a series of moves by companies both inside and outside of the health-care sector to tame medical expenses.

The massive prize luring miners of the stars. Mining asteroids might sound like science fiction, but it’s inching closer to reality—and it could be incredibly lucrative. Currently, the most valuable known asteroid is estimated to be worth $15 quintillion. 

Your Evening Briefing


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