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You think the Great Recession was long? Get ready for the Greater Recession. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers is warning that when the next downturn comes, policymakers will have fewer weapons than before.

The next U.S. recession could outlast the great one. The last one stretched 18 months. The next one might be longer, Summers says, if it hits within the next few years. America emptied its arsenal to scratch a path out of the last recession, leaving it with fewer defenses against the one yet to come.

Why settle for almost $2 billion when you can have $13 billion just by changing your address?Zhou Hongyi did just that, relocating his online security firm to China and merging it into a shell company. Qihoo 360 Technology Co. dumped the New York Stock Exchange in July 2016 and began trading Wednesday in Shanghai.

The national debate over mass-shootings continued into its second week, but there's another problem with guns that hasn't been a topic of discussion. No government entity has the power to police defective firearms or ammunition in America—or even force gunmakers to warn consumers.

Georgia Republicans have attacked Delta Air Lines for dropping the National Rifle Association after the group's defensive reaction to the Parkland murders. Georgia isd holding a $50 million tax break over Delta's head, prompting other states to seek the airline's favor. But Delta is probably staying put

He didn't use Twitter, but Jeff Sessions sounded just as angry as his boss when he defended himself against the most recent presidential attack. Donald Trump criticized the attorney general for not personally probing his own agency's investigation of potential collusion between Russia and Trump's campaign. Sessions left it to an independent investigator.

Elon Musk is good at setting markers for people to shoot for. He seems to be doing it again, this time with the internet. Billions of dollars have vanished in the quest to provide web service from orbit, but that isn't stopping the man who launches sports cars into space.

The Hamptons’s hottest hangout will pop up in Aspen. On Memorial Day weekend, Eleven Madison Park will bring its popular Summer House back to the Hamptons. Later in the year, the crew will take up residence in Aspen to launch the inaugural edition of its Winter House. Eat like royalty in any season, just make those reservations soon.

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