A Corrective for Bad Advice

(Bloomberg View) -- Ric Edelman, this week's guest on Masters in Business, wanted to buy a house in the 1980s. When he and his wife went to a financial planner, they were aghast at the terrible advice they received, including being told to lie on a mortgage application. Outraged by the experience, they sought to become more financially knowledgeable on their own. Eventually, they started sharing what they learned.

Thus was born Edelman Financial Services LLC, which now manages $21 billion in assets.

Edelman tells of starting his radio program to help fix the widespread financial illiteracy he sees rampant throughout America. It has since become the longest-running personal finance show on radio.

Edelman was ranked the nation’s No. 1 independent financial adviser three times by Barron’s and named one of the country’s top 10 wealth advisers by Forbes magazine in 2016. His latest books are “The Truth About Your Future” and “The Truth About Money.”

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Next week, we speak with technology entrepreneur, activist and writer Anil Dash, chief executive officer of Fog Creek Software.

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