Anita Hill on Fighting Sexual Harassment

The initial allegations against Harvey Weinstein have opened the floodgates for what seems to be an unrelenting stream of sexual harassment claims against the powerful. Since then, the #MeToo campaign has created a nationwide conversation about workplace harassment for all women, not just those who work in high-profile industries. It can feel overwhelming and, at times, defeatist. Will any change come from outing these harassers? We can look to the past for some answers. 

This isn’t the first time the country has had to reckon with inappropriate behavior at work. In 1991, Anita Hill testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee about the alleged harassment of Clarence Thomas. He was ultimately confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, despite her testimony. 

This week, Francesca and Rebecca look back at the decades since the Hill testimony and talk about what has and hasn’t changed. We hear from Hill, whom Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait interviewed at Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead conference, about how we can take the current moment and create safer workplaces. 

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