Carnival Games, Luxury Stuff and Beating the Bear

(Bloomberg View) -- My I’m-not-retiring-in-2018 morning train reads:

  • Sometimes You Beat the Bear. Lately, the Bear Beats You. (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • The First Cracks in the Market Appear: Stocks recently showed signals of a small pullback, but investors needn’t worry — at least not yet (Barron’s)
  • Overcoming a hard-wired bias for loss aversion (Live Mint)
  • Neuberger Berman’s Stealth Entrance Into a $40 Trillion Market (Bloomberg)
  • The Morningstar Mirage (Wall Street Journalbut see WSJ vs. Morningstar (Reformed Broker)
  • Leon Cooperman on Life After an SEC Investigation (Institutional Investor)
  • Weinstein scandal puts nondisclosure agreements in the spotlight (Los Angeles Times)
  • How Carnival Games Scam You, According to Science (Digg)
  • Ask Me How Much Money I Make: Pay Gets More Transparent (Wall Street Journal); see also Gens Y and Z Are Buying Lots of Luxury Stuff After All (New York Times)
  • 100 Best Nonfiction Books of All Time (the Guardian)

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Unemployment Versus Average Hourly Earnings

Carnival Games, Luxury Stuff and Beating the Bear

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