Steve Cohen's Overlarge Comeback: Charts

(Bloomberg Gadfly) -- Good morning! This is Fly Charts, the daily charts-only newsletter from Gadfly; sign up here. From Sino-Russian political chess to busted retail bonds, here are four charts that tell you what you need to know in business today.

And don't miss Marcus Ashworth on an interesting time for catastrophe bonds: "... with so many big storms coming at once, it's easy to assume that substantial losses will be in store, and these will spell the end for catastrophe insurance. But in fact, for the cat bond universe, it's quite the reverse. These securities are where financial engineering meets disaster insurance, and the current environment has made them a key destination in the global search for yield. They offer investors a decent premium for a type of risk that has no correlation to other asset classes Gains have been respectable lately, but with perhaps a bit less shine -- so far this year they've returned 3.4 percent, versus 6.9 percent last year." 

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Max Nisen is a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering biotech, pharma and health care. He previously wrote about management and corporate strategy for Quartz and Business Insider.

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