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Good afternoon and happy Friday. If you’re traveling this holiday weekend, may the Force be with you — and a lot of patience. Below, you’ll find experts’ top tips on what to eat, drink, and wear for July 4. And, of course, some news about President Trump’s tweets. —Megan Hess

 Warren Buffett is about to make $12 billion on his Bank of America bet.  The billionaire plans to exercise warrants obtained six years ago in a vote of confidence in Bank of America while its shares were tumbling. The cash infusion helped the bank put to rest doubts about whether it had enough capital, and its shares have more than tripled since then. Berkshire Hathaway said Friday that it would convert its preferred shares into common stock once Bank of America increases its dividend, now planned for the beginning of the third quarter.

Trump floats repealing Obamacare now, replacing it later. President Trump said Friday on Twitter that if Republican senators can’t strike a deal on their health bill, they should immediately repeal Obamacare and then replace it later. His suggestion came as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was trying to reach a compromise by the end of the week with Republican senators who are withholding support of the bill.

Traveling over the holiday weekend? Work off flight-delay rage without even leaving the airport. Terminals have long been lucrative commercial real estate, thanks to a captive audience: Travelers have hours to wait with not much else to do. So two graduate business students at the University of Oregon started wondering whether an airport gym could thrive. A business model was born.

What to eat. Advice for grilling novices: Top chefs have 13 great tips for improving your grill game this weekend, from smoking fish in a flower pot to using fat trimmings in surprising ways. Advice for self-proclaimed grilling experts: There are probably some ways you’re doing burgers wrong. And advice for those uninterested in heating up their own grills: Try out the 27 best burgers around the world.

What to drink. It’s rosé season, but don’t roll your eyes — the wine has a wilder side. We rounded up eight rosés that are robust enough to go with whatever you’ve got on the grill. The summer’s most popular beverage isn’t rosé, though. Beer is the quintessential drink in hot weather. These easy-drinking craft beers will be your best friends this weekend and throughout summer. Or if you’re looking for something harder: Rum is a natural go-to.

What to wear. You can pull off those white pants without losing your dignity. Just make sure they’re lined. Pair them with some sunglasses that have a “top bar”(also known as a brow bar or top bridge).

Master these privacy tips for your Facebook account before uploading vacation photos. You might not know just how much information you're sharing with the outside world when posting to the social media platform. When using your account to log in to other apps, Facebook can track your activity there — and third-party apps used by your Facebook friends can also see your personal information. Bloomberg Technology lays out how to take control of your privacy settings.