U.S. Treasury Watch: $74 Billion Set for Auction Today

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What to Watch

  • Today: Auctions of $34 billion five-year notes; also $40 billion four-week bills
  • June 28: Auctions of $13 billion two-year floating rate notes; $28 billion seven-year notes

Treasury Finance

As of June 23, the Treasury reported a total operating balance of $208.4 billion and $19.8 trillion in outstanding public debt. The current debt limit is about $19.8 trillion.

Through May, the U.S. has paid $285.2 billion in interest expenses for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30. The average interest rate on interest-bearing debt was 2.276% in May 2017 compared to 2.304% in April 2017.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, in its monthly report, estimates that the market value of U.S. debt is almost $20.4 trillion.

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