Facing Hard Truths in Governing and Investing

(Bloomberg View) -- May Day! Back to work with our morning train reads:

  • Whatever You Do, Don’t Read This Column: Investors have a hard time looking the truth square in the face (Wall Street Journal)
  • Why Not to Speculate During Bull Markets: Lessons from Newton and Druckenmiller (Safal Niveshak)
  • All Those Bubble Sightings Turned Out to Be Mirages (Bloomberg View)
  • Bold Action Needed for Retirement Saving (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • Staying Competitive as the World Changes (Collaborative Fund); see also ESPN Is A Reminder That When It Comes To The Market, No One Is Too Big To Fail (Arc Digital)
  • The Urban-Rural Divide Matters More Than Red Versus Blue State (New York Magazine)
  • We tend to remember the obstacles we have overcome more vividly than the advantages we have been given. (Upshot)
  • Analysis shows declining engagement with Trump’s tweets: 96% of RTs are from right-leaning accounts; 54% of response tweets are from the left. (Associated Press)
  • National Monuments That Could Soon Be on the Chopping Block (Wall Street Journal)
  • Magnus: The U.S. government believes that tax cuts will be self-funding. The evidence does not support this (Prospect)

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Trump is least popular president at 100-day mark  

Facing Hard Truths in Governing and Investing

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