Making Money, Renting Cars and Hiring Bankers

(Bloomberg View) -- My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Moody’s slashes its outlook for the global asset management industry (Business Insider)
  • Automation Can Actually Create More Jobs (Wall Street Journal); see also Wall Street’s Old, Unwanted Bond Salesmen Find a Home in Chicago (Bloomberg)
  • Just How Much Do the Top Private Equity Earners Make? (DealBook)
  • Why Donald Trump Keeps Hiring Goldman Sachs Bankers (Slate); see also Goldman Sachs to Extend Its Reach in Trump Administration (DealBook)
  • With Uber and Lyft Nearby, Rental Cars May Be Ripe for a Comeuppance (New York Times)
  • Will Trump Scrap NASA’s Climate Research Mission? (ProPublica); see also Massive Seawall May Be Needed to Keep New York City Dry (Scientific American)
  • 50 Twitter accounts for investors to follow in 2017 (MarketWatch)
  • New evidence suggests a ninth planet lurking at the edge of the solar system (Washington Post); see also To Planet 9 -- and Beyond! (Discover)
  • "The Grand Tour" May Be The Most Illegally Downloaded TV Show In History (Jalopnik)
  • The scientific explanation for why humans are so convinced that aliens look like octopuses (Quartz); see also Octopuses and the Puzzle of Aging (New York Times)

What are you reading?

Low Volatility Is Not a Buy-and-Hold Strategy

Making Money, Renting Cars and Hiring Bankers

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