Gerrymanders and Teaching Tests

(Bloomberg View) -- 1. At the Monkey Cage, Tony Lucadamo and Molly E. Reynolds on how presidents can be effective with Congress. Advice from recent White House legislative staff. Excellent.

2. Also at the Monkey Cage: Elizabeth A. Yates on Tea Party conservatives and Donald Trump. Fascinating story (at least as I read it) of complex partisanship. 

3. Julia Azari at Vox on Trump's place in history

4. Also at Vox: William Adler sees Trump as positioned similarly to Teddy Roosevelt

5. Dan Drezner has some fun with Trump's conversations with foreign leaders. I'm disappointed Drezner didn't have anything from Trump's call to Chancellor Palpatine, but maybe we'll get that soon. 

6. Important one from my Bloomberg View colleague Timothy L. O'Brien on how surprisingly easy it would be for Trump to comply with conflict-of-interest norms if he wanted to.

7. Good Aaron Blake item at the Fix on California and gerrymanders and why redistricting isn't as easy as some reformers think it is.

8. Neal Irwin at the Upshot on Trump staffing up -- without adding much policy or governing expertise. Yes, it's as risky as it seems. 

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