The Futurists Were Wrong. What Happened?

(Bloomberg View) -- What Disruption? Tech Hasn’t Shaken Basic Economics

It was supposed to be the decade of Groupon and Uber, but on the whole, Americans still shop and travel just like they used to. Conor Sen examines why Silicon Valley’s promises of radical social transformation mostly failed to pan out.

No One Cares What Economists Say

More than 350 economists signed two open letters opposing Donald Trump for president this week, but let's be real: Not even Angus Deaton’s star power will sway most American voters. Noah Smith considers why his profession garners so much respect from the the policy-making elite, and so little from the general public.

Is Indian Pharma Breeding Superbugs?

As evidence mounts that drugmakers’ lax waste-management practices are turning India’s water bodies into breeding grounds for drug-resistant bacteria, Mihir Sharma urges the world to take a hard look at the country’s famous pharmaceutical sector.

No, You Don’t Have to Vote for Clinton or Trump

The either/or crowd will try to trick you, but don’t fall for it, Ramesh Ponnuru says: There’s nothing wrong with casting your ballot for a third-party presidential candidate. 

Anthem Warning Highlights Obamacare’s Big Test

Are the latest Obamacare premium increases a correction or a trend? For insurers and consumers, the stakes are huge. As a make-or-break new year approaches, Megan McArdle is closely watching Anthem, which threatened to leave the health-insurance exchanges if conditions don’t improve.

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