The Key to Attracting Better Job Applicants

(Bloomberg View) -- Having Trouble Hiring? Try Paying More

Almost half of small business owners say they can't find qualified employees, according to a recent study, but the problem might not be with the workers. Barry Ritholtz sees evidence the job market is changing -- and hiring managers are being too stingy with their offers.

The Three Cities That Dominate U.S. Media

While Twitter and Facebook have democratized media production, America's professional journalists are still concentrated in old power centers. Justin Fox thinks that might have something to do with declining trust in the industry.

A Rock-Star Economist's Warning on Low Rates

Could low interest rates backfire on countries hoping to encourage growth? Raghuram Rajan, the former head of the Reserve Bank of India (and one of the most successful central bankers in recent memory), thinks so. But while raising rates to pressure politicians to adopt reforms sounds appealing, Noah Smith argues that the pain might not be worth it. 

Strange Allies in the Battle Over Government Secrets

Sean Hannity has embraced longtime foe Julian Assange, and that's not this year's only surprising realignment. Eli Lake checks in on a longtime transparency advocate who lauds the Obama administration -- often criticized as too secretive -- for its "dramatically increased" openness. Meanwhile, Leonid Bershidsky notes that Edward Snowden -- the NSA leaker who resettled in Russia at Assange's urging -- is growing more critical of his authoritarian adopted homeland. 

The Dream of Arctic Shipping Is Still a Dream

Adam Minter offers a reality check to sailors hoping to realize age-old vision of a time-saving Arctic passage (and investors hoping to cash in): Despite climate change and melting ice, traversing the Arctic doesn't make business sense.

Ritholtz's Reads

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  • BlackRock: Climate change is going to move a huge amount of money and not enough people are paying attention (Business Insider)

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