War Is Over (If Colombia Wants It)

(Bloomberg View) -- Waging Peace in Colombia

peace deal could end Colombia's decades-long internal conflict -- but only if the country's political power brokers let it. Mac Margolis says President Juan Manuel Santos has a tough message to sell: Peace isn't surrender.

Maybe We Clamped Down Too Hard on Finance

Has the regulatory pendulum swung too far after the credit crisis, stifling the creativity the U.S. financial industry needs to thrive? Barry Ritholtz says it's a question worth taking seriously.

Believe It or Not, U.S. Women Are Doing Better

Despite some discouraging data, America has been making progress toward gender equality. Betsey Stevenson offers reason to be optimistic about women in the workplace and beyond. 

Trump's 2,000-Mile Mistake on Immigration

Maybe the Republican candidate really expects to build a big, beautiful border wall, or maybe it was always an elaborate metaphor. Either way, Francis Wilkinson says, Trump's recent travails show the limits of bigotry and boorishness in a U.S. general election.  

Duke Tries to Enforce a Dead Man's Promise

Embattled energy magnate Aubrey McClendon pledged almost $19 million to Duke University, but gave away less than half of that before dying in a car accident in June. Now, with almost $10 million at stake, the university is wading into a messy area of law. Stephen L. Carter lays out the stakes.

Ritholtz's Reads

  • Peter Thiel is backing a startup to fund lawsuits (Vanity Fair)
  • Years of Fed missteps fueled disillusion with the economy (WSJ)
  • Target-dated funds are welcome, but no panacea for pension holes (FT)

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