Trump’s Crossover on Wade; Central Banker Blues: Saturday Wrap

(Bloomberg) -- Here are highlights of Saturday’s top breaking stories from around the world:

Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda made clear at a Federal Reserve policy retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, that he’ll consider even more easing despite negative interest rates. A European Central Bank executive board member said the bank may have to dig deeper into its toolbox to stimulate growth if governments don’t do more to act.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, continuing his efforts to turn over a new leaf on issues of race and immigration, used Friday night’s shooting death of pro basketball superstar Dwyane Wade’s cousin as an example of how terrible urban life has become for black people under Democrats.

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne for the first time lent some credence to reports that Samsung is a possible buyer of Fiat’s auto-parts unit, though he stopped short of confirming talks and continued to say that no sale was guaranteed.

Pilots of a Southwest Airlines jet managed an emergency landing with no injuries after the plane had a rare uncontained engine failure -- one serious enough to blow the cover off the engine and depressurize the cabin.

South Africa’s Gupta family said it will sell off all its holdings in the country. The announcement capped months of fallout -- in the family’s view, political retribution -- from its seemingly outsized influence on President Jacob Zuma.

The first test flight of what is to be Mitsubishi Heavy’s first commercial jetliner produced in more than 40 years had to be aborted due to what was said to be an air-conditioning malfunction.

An aboriginal leader of a community in Canada where Malaysia’s Petronas wants to build an $8.5 billion LNG export facility is signaling that the community is open to a financial settlement rather than fighting the development plant because his people so badly need the money. There also are signals that Petronas is now looking elsewhere.