If You Feel Poorer, It Might Be Because You Are

(Bloomberg View) -- Where U.S. Incomes Have Fallen the Most

Another distressing statistic from the recovery that wasn't: The typical American household is $4,000 poorer than it was in 1999. Justin Fox breaks down the statistics by state, and sees a clear reason why the bottom 10 are struggling.

All the Fun Is Going Out of Hedge Funds

At least, it is for the people who run them. Barry Ritholtz explains why it's getting harder for hedge-funders to charge clients for lavish travel and entertainment expenses.

Clinton's Liberal White House Takes Shape

Hillary Clinton has unveiled her transition team, and it's filled with liberals with close ties to the Democratic Party. For Jonathan Bernstein, that suggests something important about the way she might govern.

Don't Even Think About a Public Option in the U.S.

As Aetna's exit from Obamacare's insurance marketplaces continues to generate drama, some are calling for a "public option" -- a government-run insurer that would compete with private companies. Megan McArdle isn't buying it, and she's got the wonkish details to back her up. 

Probably Not Quite The Reaction They Wanted 

Matt Levine on Goldman Sachs branding its retail banking operation "Marcus":

Can you imagine if that works? If Goldman Sachs could cure years of accumulated distrust with a hipster-y name for its online retail bank? "You know," young people will say, "back when I associated Goldman Sachs with the last names of two guys, I thought it was a shadowy monstrosity that made money by cheating and gambling and that probably caused the financial crisis. But now that I associate it with the first name of just one guy, I realize how sweet and earnest it actually is, and I've opened a savings account."

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