Zimbabwe Just Doubled Gasoline and Diesel Prices. Overnight

(Bloomberg) -- Zimbabwe’s government has more than doubled the prices of gasoline to $3.33 per liter and hiked diesel to $3.11 per liter, effective Saturday midnight, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said.

  • Zimbabwe has been experiencing gasoline shortages since last October due to foreign currency shortages
  • Government has decided to grant a rebate to all registered business entities in the manufacturing, mining, commerce, agriculture and transport sectors, Mnangagwa said, in order to prevent generalized price increases of goods and services
  • Zimbabwe has put in place measures to ensure constant fuel supply into the country for sustainable fuel availability, Mnangagwa said
  • "Government is aware of attempts by certain elements bent on taking advantage of the current fuel shortages to cause and sponsor unrest and instability in the country," he said, adding "such politically motivated will not be tolerated"

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