Your Weekend Reading: The High Cost of Cheap Drugs

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Cheap generic drugs have dangerous hidden costs. Bloomberg spent the last year investigating a global supply chain that ends in U.S. medicine cabinets. A look at records from West Virginia to China and India raises doubts about data meant to show that pharmaceuticals are safe.  

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He never saw it coming. Bloomberg Businessweek gets deep inside the takedown of auto titan Carlos Ghosn.

Boeing executives are debating whether to plow an estimated $15 billion into the 797, a new family of airliners that could transform air travel.

Marie Kondo wants to save millions of people from clutter—and clean up financially along the way.

Welcome to the slaughterhouse of the future. It kills 22 hogs a minute, a speed generations of farmers would have once dismissed as fantasy.

Watch how Nintendo continues to reinvent itself and stay relevant. Its next big boss fight? Online gaming.

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President Nicolas Maduro’s attempt to shift 20 tons of bullion overseas unravelled because central bank staffers got scared of the prospect of U.S. sanctions and refused to follow orders. A Russian airplane that one lawmaker alleged was in Caracas to haul the metal away left without it. The issue of Venezuela’s gold reserves, and where they could end up, has become a microcosm of the nation’s crisis.

Your Weekend Reading: The High Cost of Cheap Drugs

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