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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Wednesday said interest rates are “just below” the so-called neutral range, triggering speculation that central bankers are more open to pausing a planned series of hikes. Treasury yields and the dollar fell, while stocks rose.

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Donald Trump is heading for a trade showdown with China President Xi Jinping. But the U.S. leader is bringing with him something that, a few months ago, would have seemed improbable: allies.

The U.K. could face its steepest economic slump since World War II if it crashes out of the European Union without a Brexit deal. But the governor of the Bank of England said he's prepared.

The incoming Democratic-led House of Representatives is ready to end Trump's "war on science," but it won't be easy, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

It's still November, but we're prepared to call the winner when it comes to 2018 Black Friday sales. Hint: It's named after a South American river.

Intel has dominated chipmaking for more than 30 years, but it's about to be eclipsed by a company few Americans have ever heard of.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin privately asked bond dealers and investors about a Federal Reserve option that could avoid rate hikes. He also claimed someone gained unauthorized access to his Twitter account.

What's Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is watching the fallout from GM's announcement that it's closing seven factories and eliminating over 14,000 jobs worldwide.

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The mosquito species is among the world’s deadliest, spreading diseases such as dengue fever and chikungunya that kill tens of thousands of people every year and infect millions more. Killing those bugs, if cheap enough, could be a lucrative business opportunity. So Alphabet is experimenting, releasing infertile male lab-bred mosquitoes into the wild. When they mate with their counterpart females in the wild, the result is stealth annihilation: the offspring never hatch. 

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