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Which Mid-Cap Stocks Are Good For SIP? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equity market.

In today’s episode Aditya Agarwala, technical research analyst, Yes Securities, and Sharmila Joshi, independent investment adviser, share their views on Axis Bank, HDFC AMC, RBL Bank and Ashok leyland.

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Edited Excerpts from the conversation:

Siva Kumar: ​I am planning to go for systematic investment plan for buying stocks. Please suggest good mid-cap stock with very good fundamentals that is capable of growing into a multi-bagger.

Sharmila Joshi: This is a good idea to invest through SIPs. One should choose sectors where one would like to be. The commercial vehicles sector is a great sector to invest and Ashok Leyland is a good stock to go with.

The non-banking finance sector is a good segment of stocks as well. Mannapuram Finance, Equitas Holdings and AB Capital at the current levels are a great investment opportunity.

The pharmaceutical sector, too, is an upcoming space and one can invest in Shilpa Medicare.

Krish: With a three-month perspective, is it a good idea to enter HDL and Morepen Laboratories?

Aditya Agarwala: Morepen Lab stock is extremely volatile and I would recommend one to stay away from this stock.

The HDIL stock at the current level is not advisable to invest.

Navin Agarwal: I need long term views on Talwalkar Lifestyles ,and IDFC Ltd. What do I do?

Sharmila Joshi: I am bullish about the Talwalkar stock.

For IDFC Ltd, I would advice to proceed with caution. One should look at it with a trading perspective, and not for long-term investment.

Bhavani Shankar: I have stock of Axis Bank and ICICI Bank. Which is a better stock with a two-year perspective?

Sharmila Joshi: I would recommend one to wait until they hear positive news on ICICI Bank and Axis Bank, since they are going for a board re-shuffle along. Their non-performing asset figures looked worrisome.

I would recommend one to invest in Yes Bank, RBL Bank and IndusInd bank.

Sandeep Shah: Is it the right time to buy shares of ‘’ and Shreya Shipping, with a two-year target?

Aditya Agarwala: I would recommend one to stay away from both the stocks.

Saran Gupta: What is your technical view on All Cargo Logistics for the next two months? I bought the stock at Rs 117 apiece.

Aditya Agarwala: I would recommend one to hold on to the stock with a stop-loss of Rs 107.

Melwyn: I have 41 shares of AU Small Finance at the IPO price of Rs 358. Should I hold or sell this stock? With regard to a fresh investment, is it a good time to invest in Edelweiss and HDFC AMC?

Sharmila Joshi: I would recommend one to take the SIP route for the HDFC AMC stock and Edelweiss stock. AU Small Finance is a good stock and one could hold on to the stock.

Aditya Agarwala: I would suggest one to make fresh investment in AU Small Finance at the current level. I can buy or hold on to the Edelweiss stock.

Kartik Mahadevan: I have 1,000 shares of Strides Shasun at Rs 340 apiece. What should be my target? Should I book profit?

I have 1,500 shares if Suven Life with a five-year time horizon. What should I do?

Aditya Agarwala: I would recommend one to keep a stop-loss of Rs 445 for the Strides Shasun stock. One can also book profit in this stock at the Rs 465 level.

Sharmila Joshi: I prefer Sun Pharma or Biocon over Suven Life. The pharmaceutical sector is a good opportunity, though.

Ragha: What is your long-term view on Everest Industries ?

Sharmila Joshi: One can continue to hold on to the stock.

Jagjeet Singh: Can I enter Kotak Mahindra Bank at the current level? Is it reasonable to expect an upmove?

Sharmila Joshi: This is an over-valued stock and I would recommend one to wait for a while before they make a fresh entry.

Santosh Kinikar: What is your fundamental view on the infrastructure space?

Sharmila Joshi: I think Sadbhav engineering and NCC are good stocks in this segment.

Ram: What is your one-month view on Asian Paints? I bought the shares at Rs 1,405. What could be my target till September-end?

Aditya Agarwala: The stock will reach the Rs 1.440 level by September end.

Sridhar: What is your technical view on Meghmani Organics? I have 20,000 shares of this stock at an average price of Rs 125 apiece.

Aditya Agarwala: I am bullish on this stock and would recommend one to hold on to it with a stop-loss of Rs 125. Rs 110, and Rs 120 are important levels of the stock.

Debarpan Sarkar: With a  long-term perspective, between Mirza International and Bata India, which is a better stock for a long-term investment? What should be my entry price?

Sharmila Joshi: I like the Bata stock more. I would recommend one to look at other stocks for fresh entry.

Mohammed Ayubi: Has the Avanti Feeds stock bottomed out?

Aditya Agarwala: The stock has not bottomed out yet.

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