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Where Should I Invest: South Indian Bank, HDFC Or Mahanagar Gas? #AskBQ

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In this episode Brijesh Singh of StockAxis and Sandeep Jain of Tradeswift Broking gave their views on South Indian Bank Ltd., HDFC Ltd. and Mahanagar Gas Ltd.

Watch the full conversation here:

Here are the edited excerpts of the conversation:

What is your general view on Tata Motors?

Sandeep Jain: I recommend you to hold on to the stock as the risk reward looks favourable, and try to average around Rs 285 to Rs 290 per share.

Yash Mehrotra: I have bought 1,600 shares of Sequent Scientific at Rs 48.50 and 500 shares of Orient Electric at Rs 130. Please provide a view for 12 months.

Brijesh Singh: I recommend you to keep a stock loss for the stock [Sequent Scientific] at Rs 42 and the stock has to trade above Rs 55 to 60 to cross Rs 75 in a medium-term time frame.

Sandeep Jain: I recommend you to hold on, and for fresh investors, I advice them to enter after the de-merger with Orient Paper which is expected to bring in great benefits for the company.

PS Krishnan: I want to buy HDFC at current levels with a one to two month view. Please advise.

Brijesh Singh: At present, Rs 1,735 to Rs 1,745 is a good entry point for the stock with a stop-loss of Rs 1,650.

Melwyn: Is Siemens a good bet to enter for a long-term view or should I wait to buy on further dips ?

Brijesh Singh: If the investor is looking to buy for a longer term then any level below Rs 1,000 would be a good entry point for the stock. I recommend you to keep a stop loss of Rs 780 to Rs 800.

Qaiyoom Badi: I have shares of South Indian Bank at Rs 25 and RCF at Rs 75. I have a view of five to seven years. Should I hold both the stocks?

Sandeep Jain: I recommend you to opt for better forming private sector banks like HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, Yes Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

RCF is a good long-term story so I recommend ‘hold’ for those who are already invested. For fresh buys, this is a good time to start investing in a staggered manner.

Akash Agarwal: I bought 500 shares of Mahanagar Gas at Rs 980 for a long term. Should I average at current levels?

Brijesh Singh: I recommend you to keep a stop loss of Rs 750 and exit if it breaks. HPCL is a better pick from the sector.

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