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SBI, Ceat, JSPL: How Long Should I Remain Invested? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equities market.

In this episode, Astha Jain of Hem Securities Ltd. and Amar Singh of Angel Broking gave their views on State Bank of India, CEAT Ltd. and Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, among others.

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Here are the edited excerpts of the conversation:

Rajesh Kumar: I want to invest in Tata Coffee with a long-term view. Is this the right time?

Astha Jain: I suggest you to wait for results of the ongoing quarter and then make a decision.

Nikhil: Please share a short-term view on MCX and Royal Orchid hotels?

Amar Singh: MCX is range-bound till it crosses Rs 800-820 levels. Although, the downside to this stock is limited. For Royal Orchid, use any dip as a buying opportunity.

Sarbjeet Singh Sidhu​: I am holding 600 units of Allcargo at Rs 160. I have a long-term view. What is your suggestion?

Astha Jain: I recommend you to exit as we can see further downside to this stock.

Karthik Mahadevan: I have 400 shares of Relaxo Footwears at Rs 450 with a long-term view. I also hold 300 shares of Acrysil at Rs 480. I can hold both for three to five years. Please advise.

Aastha Jain: I recommend you to hold the stock as it has posted healthy results and has a good return ratio. You can partially book some profit. Near-term target for the stock is Rs 700-750.

Amar Singh: I recommend you to book profit and exit the stock.

Aniruddh Gupta​: I have 100 shares of Thirumalai Chemicals at Rs 1,750. Please suggest from a one to two year perspective. Should I average my holding?

Astha Jain: I advise you to average as it has very attractive valuations right now. A long-term (one to two years) target for this stock is Rs 2,000.

Anand: I have 1,000 shares of Schneider at Rs 122 with a short-term view. Please suggest.

Amar Singh: I recommend you to use any pull-back as a shorting opportunity. For any meaningful bounce back the stock has to consistently trade above Rs 110-112.

Gaurav Trivedi: I have bought an SBI call option of 280 at Rs 1.50. Should I hold it till expiry or sell it?

Amar Singh: I recommend you to book your profit and exit on Monday on a good opportunity.

Venkatesan Damodaran: I bought Granules India at Rs 114. What should I do?

Astha Jain: I recommend you to exit the stock as it does not look like an attractive counter to trade on.

Yash Mehrotra: I bought Bombay Dyeing at Rs 312 and Indiabulls Ventures at Rs 458. Can I add more or should exit at these levels? I need a view for six months.

Amar Singh: I recommend you to wait for Indiabulls Ventures as we can see some consolidation for the stock. For Bombay Dyeing, any pull-back towards Rs 240 can be used as a buying opportunity. Otherwise hold on to the stock.

Haider Ali: Please suggest a long-term view for SBI.

Astha Jain: I advise you to wait for the next results of the bank and see if anything that the management said materialises. Otherwise private sector banks are a better pick than the public sector. HDFC Bank is a top pick.

Ranjan Debnath: I need a short-term view on Suprajit Engineering.

Astha Jain: I recommend you to hold the stock if you have already invested as the growth trajectory looks good.

Shikhar Saluja: I bought Ceat Tyres at Rs 1,700 levels. What should I do?

Amar Singh: The stock has a support around Rs 1,280-1,300. If the stock consolidates around those levels, one can look at buying. The stock, however, needs to trade above Rs 1,400-1,420 for any upside.

Sourabh Garg: I am holding 500 shares of JSPL at Rs 252 with a four to five year view. Please advise.

Astha Jain: I recommend you to wait for the company to post better results before investing in it.

Kartavya Sharma: Would it be wise to enter into PNC infratech and Abbott India at current levels with a nine to 12 month view?

Amar Singh: Any pull-back towards Rs 6,000-6,200 should be used as a buying opportunity as the uptrend remains intact for Abbot India.

Any correction in PNC infratech stock towards Rs 150-155 can be used as a buying opportunity, with a stop loss below Rs 130 and a target of Rs 200 on the upside.

Bhavesh Jain: I have 352 shares of Reliance Nippon bought at an average price of Rs 259. What is your view and should I try to average these levels?

Astha Jain: I recommend you to hold the stock only if you have a long-term view.

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