Odey Hedge-Fund Partner Orlando Montagu Is Leaving to Run Sandwich Business

(Bloomberg) -- Orlando Montagu, a partner at Crispin Odey’s hedge-fund firm, is leaving to focus on his family’s famous invention, the sandwich.

Montagu is a direct descendant of the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who was credited with inventing the snack in the 18th century. He will leave Odey Asset Management at the end of March after more than 16 years at the firm. He’ll work at his family’s mostly U.S.-based business, also known as Earl of Sandwich, which has plans to open in London.

“The timing feels right. Crispin is performing well, clients are making money and the Odey team is upbeat,” said Montagu, deputy chairman and part of the executive committee which runs the hedge-fund firm.

Years of losses in Odey’s hedge fund have shrunk the firm’s assets, but the money manager is finally staging a comeback as long-held bets on market chaos start to pay off. Odey’s flagship money pool gained 53 percent in 2018 in its first gain in four years.

Earl John Montagu is said to have requested the first sandwich when he asked to be served roast beef placed between two slices of bread, so that he could keep playing cards. Orlando Montagu started the sandwich chain in 1999, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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