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Is It A Good Time To Buy Interglobe Aviation, IGL, Vedanta? #AskBQ 

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equities market.

In this episode, G Chokkalingam, founder and managing director, Equinomics Research & Advisory Pvt Ltd. and N S Fidai, technical analyst and mentor gave their views on Interglobe Aviation, IGL, Vedanta many more.

Edited excerpts:

Rahul Naik: Can I buy Essel Propack and Sharda Cropchem at current levels?

G Chokkalingam: One can consider buying Sharda Cropchem at current levels. One can also consider Essel Propack if it corrects by 3-5 percent. I would also recommend buying NESCO and BSE Ltd. as they are great value picks.

Dipanshu Bhatia: Bought Vedanta at around Rs 274. Should I book losses or hold on ?

NS Fidai: I would advise the investor to hold on to Vedanta with a stop loss of Rs 204-205. Rs 205-210 levels is a key support area for the stock and we can expect a bounce back in the stock to about Rs 240 from those levels.

Pravesh Yadav: What is your view on GM Breweries and Som Distilleries for the next 2-3 years?

G Chokkalingam: I would not advise buying GM Breweries at current levels. Any spikes in these stocks can be good selling opportunities.

Sarabjeet Singh Sidhu: What are your views on MGL, IGL and Gujarat Gas?

G Chokkalingam: Long-term prospects for the company remain robust. I am recommending buying into the stock and holding for more than an year. MGL is the better pick among gas distributors which includes IGL and Gujarat Gas.

Manam Warangal: I have bought Interglobe Aviation at Rs 1,170 for intra-day. What should be my stop loss and exit ?

NS Fidai: Rs 1,090 should act as a very good support for the stock. The trader should keep a stop loss at Rs 1,144 and can expect Rs 1,210-1,220 levels.

Ankit Kumar: I bought Divi’s Labs at Rs 1,107 a month back. Should I hold or sell?

NS Fidai: I would advise to hold at current levels with a stop loss of Rs 1,020. The stock can hit Rs 1,220 levels in the next 2 to 3 months.

Gursharan Rosha​i: I bought RIL at Rs 450 levels. I have a long-term view. How long should I hold it and what price can we see in the next one or two years?

G Chokkalingam: Expect a minimum return of 15 percent in the next couple of years if market is normal. The investor should hold on to the stock from a long-term perspective.

Nikhil Gandhe: What is your view on Voltas and MCX ?

NS Fidai: Advise avoiding Voltas at current levels. You can look at adding MCX at around Rs 730 levels with a stop loss of one percent for a target of around Rs 820-850 levels.

Uday Kumar: I bought 50 shares of Tata Steel at Rs 720. What should I do with the stock if I have a time horizon of three to six months?

G Chokkalingam: I would recommend holding on the stock despite the loss.

Tushar Tiwari: I bought 1,200 shares of Federal Bank at Rs 89.75. What is your view on the stock?

NS Fidai: I recommend holding on the stock with a strict stop loss of Rs 79.50.

Harsh Kumar: I bought 99 ABB India shares at Rs 1,160. Should I hold from a one to two year perspective?

G Chokkalingam: The investor can certainly hold on to the stock.

Srinivasan: I bought 200 DFM Foods shares at Rs 1,500 levels with a long-term view ? Can you suggest what to do with the stock?

G Chokkalingam: Recommend selling the stock on any rally.

Shibu SP: What is your view on Avanti Feeds ?

NS Fidai: Advise buying in small quantities at current levels.

Sharath Shetty: I bought MOIL at Rs 260. What should I do if I have a 3-6 month time horizon?

NS Fidai: I would not recommend buying at current levels. Should exit the stock with a strict stop loss of Rs 174.

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