Investors Carnival Live: Ashish Chugh On The Art Of ‘Microcap Investing’
Investors Carnival in Goa (Photographer: Hormaz Fatakia/BloombergQuint)

Investors Carnival Live: Ashish Chugh On The Art Of ‘Microcap Investing’

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Investors Carnival Live

Timing Your Exit Is As Important, Says Jatin Khemani

Investors often under-estimate the importance of timing the exit, says Jatin Khemani, the founder and CEO of Stalwart Investment Advisors. He lays out three clear guidelines for investors to observe while investing in a stock, which once broken can also act as a trigger for exiting the stock.

Sarif Anand On The 'Art Of Investing'

The clear to good decisions while trading is to clear your mind first, said investor Sarif Anand.

It is important to take decisions based on what the situation is in the present and how we expect it to be in the future, instead of letting previous losses overwhelm us, he said.

Jiten Parmar On What Makes An Investor Tick

Staying patient and making disciplined choices is crucial for the success of any investor, according to Aurum Capital’s Jiten Parmar.

Do your homework to understand the business behind the stock, buy at the right time and valuation, and then give it time to grow, he said.

Focus On The Company And Not Stock Price, Ashish Chugh Says

One must focus on the company and not the stock price while investing in microcap stocks.

That’s the word coming in form Ashish Chugh, founder of Hidden Gems Advisory. “It is important to track the performance of the company while investing in micro-cap stocks,” Chugh said at the the Investors Carnival event In Goa.

"Some companies businesses are such that they take about three to five years time to turn profitable and hence microcap investors need to be patient” he said.


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