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Which Are Best Stocks With A Medium-Term View?#AskBQ

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Dyaneshwar Padwal of KIFS Securities and Gaurang Shah of Geojit Financial Services, share their views on RBL Bank, Kotak Bank, Avanti Seeds, Britannia Industrious among others.

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Anil Salaria: I need a long-term view on Graphite India.

Gaurang: I don’t cover the stock.

Lakshmi Adithya: What’s your view on Andhra Sugar which I bought at Rs 380?

Dyaneshwar: Any decisive move above Rs 387, it could gear up the stock and take it to Rs 440-460 level.

Jatin Patel: I have bought 200 shares at Rs 135. What is the long-term outlook?

Gaurang: It has got one of the best capabilities as far as warfare capabilities. In 4-5 years, this could be one of the best investment ideas. Continue to hold on. If you have invested in a higher level, it’s the time to average the position.

Sivakumar: I want to buy 100 shares of RBL Bank, which is the suitable price to enter the stock?

Dyaneshwar: I would suggest them to wait till the price reaches Rs 580-level and keep a stop-loss of Rs 565.

Gaurang: For a longer time horizon, don’t put all the money at once. Phase out your investment but start investing at current levels.

Aadit: Which are the best stocks you recommend with 4-5 year perspective?

Gaurang:  Tata Steel in metals, M&M in auto space, Kotak Bank in banking pack, Dewan Housing Finance from the housing finance sector, Godrej Consumer from FMCG.

Yash: I hold Idea September futures at Rs 51.50. Should I exit or hold?

Dyaneshwar: Idea would be one of the laggers in the telecom space. i would suggest exit would be a better strategy.

Viewer: Would you recommend fresh entry in Nalco for a one-year time frame?

Dyaneshwar: It would be a fair value to buy at current price levels.

Sagar: My friends and I are planning an international trip. We are doing a systematic investment plan of 7,000 per month for one year to accumulate Rs 1 lakh. Which stocks should we buy?

Gaurang: It is difficult to take a call as you have multiple state elections and general election coming up. For a 2-3 year perspective, I would recommend to invest in large cap diversified mutual fund which is a relatively safer investment.

Sanjeev Kajoria: I hold 200 shares of BSE Ltd. at Rs 900. Should I hold or average?

Dyaneshwar: I would recommend hold if Rs 729 holds on a closing basis. Otherwise I would recommend an exit.

Ram Hedge: I have purchased Rs 1,386 Kotak Mahindra Bank October series. Should I hold or book losses?

Dyaneshwar: He should keep a stop-loss of Rs 1,220.

Manish Sharma: I hold Britannia and have 40 percent profit. Should I hold or exit?

Gaurang: I’m extremely bullish on FMCG sector. You may book with part of the investment to bring your costs down and stay invested in the rest.

Bhavani: Which of the following do you recommend for fresh entry for the next two months- Reliance Industries, Infosys, Axis Bank and Glenmark?

Dyaneshwar: I would go for Axis Bank. It will give a return of 10 to 15 percent. It could head towards Rs 750 mark.

Girish Patil: Which stocks do you recommend to investing Rs 10,000 in pharma sector?

Gaurang: I would choose Sun Pharma for a long-term perspective.

Sandhya: I have bought Thyrocare at Rs 602. Should I book profits?

Dyaneshwar: It is clearly in an up trend. Keep revising your stop-loss.

Vipam Raman: I have bought Avanti Feeds at Rs 520.

Gaurang: I don’t want to comment on the stock specifically. But they had problems with exports after tariff wars. I don’t see any meaninful revecory in their topline or bottomline.

Analyst disclosures: Both analysts don’t hold any stock that were discussed today.

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