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Which Is The Best Banking Stock For Long-Term Investment? #AskBQ

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In today’s episode, Amar Singh, head advisory, Angel Broking, and Parthiv Shah of TRACOM Stock Brokers share their views on Bharti Airtel, 8k Miles, and which is the best cement stock to bet on.

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Edited excerpts from the conversation:

Gaurav: I hold 45,000 shares of Sankhya Infotech with a long-term view. Should I hold or sell?

Amar: He should definitely book 50 percent of the trade position because in spite of the IT space doing very well, the stock is in a downtrend. And balance, he can trade with a stop loss below Rs 83-level.

Saurav Kumar: Recommend one IT stock on which I can put my money in the next 3-4 years.

Parthiv: A stock such as Infosys in extremely well-placed and it’s also going to get all the advantages of the depreciating rupee and the new deals in the pipeline.

Gaurav Jaggi: I have Talbros Auto bought at Rs 276 level. What are the near-term targets?

Amar: Technically its trading in a consolidation zone. Till the time it does not consistently break above Rs 310 levels the stock is likely to consolidate.

Vivek Kanojia: I want to go for a systematic investment plan of Rs 10,000 for next 10-15 years each: RBL Bank,Yes Bank or Kotak Mahindra Bank?

Parthiv: Kotak Mahindra Bank is the best bet. It is not only going to do great in terms of banking sector, but also in terms of all its subsidiaries like insurance , mutual fund, similar to HDFC’s subsidiaries getting unlocked.

Marimuthu Murugan: What is your fundamental view on Century Ply for three months?

Parthiv: Their medium density fibre business’ margin might be sightly tepid due to competition though it may bhave volume growth. And benefits of unorganised to organised markets have not percolated strongly. In the short-to-medium term, there is possibility to see time correction and under performance in the stock.

Viewer: Could you share your advice on Engineers India?

Amar: The stock has bounced back. It has potential to rally towards immediately towards Rs 140-150 levels. There is some positive momentum but there is selling pressure on upside.

Ram Hegde: I hold September future series of Asian Paints bought at Rs 1,426. What should be done?

Amar: The stock has been on a gradual decline. He can hold with stop loss at crucial zone of Rs 1,350-1,355.

Anuj Wankade: I had bought 500 shares of Petronet LNG at Rs 225. What should be my one-year target?

Parthiv: I don’t see much triggers in the next for the next one year. A stock like MGL is a more preferred bet for one-year.

Gaurav Jaggi: What’s your technical advice on BF Investments.

Amar: Overall the stock remains positive despite consolidating. He can hold on his position. On the downside strong support is seen at Rs 320-325 zone.

Sivakumar: Please give recommendations in cement space and effect of Supreme Court’s ban on construction in four states.

Parthiv: Cement players in central and north-east part of the country, they’re the one we are focussing on next 3-5 years.Heidelberg Cement is my most preferred bet.

Dishanth: What are your views for next 3 months on Bharti Airtel at Rs 515.

Amar: Stock has bottomed out. Strong resistance in Rs 415 and 420 levels in long-term charts. Till that is not reached, consolidation can be witnessed.

Anirudh Gupta: I have invested in 8k miles at Rs 560 for long term. What should I do?

Parthiv: These are types of stocks where a timely exit is extremely important.I would recommend a switch over to Persistent Systems in the mid-cap space.

Zinal Satra: Please suggest stock recommendations for Rs 50,000 in mid-cap space for 2-3 months.

Parthiv: RBL Bank is what I recommend for short to mid-term due to upcoming quarterly results

Zinal Satra: I have hold 1,000 shares of Manali Petro at Rs 49. Willing to hold to one-year. Your views?

Parthiv: .Yes as outlook remains extremely good for next 6 to 8 months for petro-chemical businesses.

Viewer: Which would you recommend for fresh entry? HDFC AMC or Reliance Nippon?

Parthiv: I would go with HDFC AMC.

Analyst disclosures: Both the analysts do not hold any stocks that were discussed today.

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